Saturday, October 2, 2010

Best in show 4

In France these guys would be deported somewhere bad.

Alternative Energy Zone
An example to follow, they ban the use of generators. BRAVO!

First Camp.
Golden Rebar in Layout

Size really matters


clyde said...

Thanks for showing our art car(Blue Light District's)We were way out in left field this year(3:30& Istanbul,I think.Best year for lack of dust in a long time.I just remembered our car's name:Hell in a Hand Basket

Peter said...

Thanks you, Thank You, for showing our little houses. For a wile there we were building 1 house a year. after 5 years 5 houses, it just got too heavy. That when we put in the white picket fences.

Yes we live in them. plywood dampens sounds and dust filters on the windows to keep the ventilation with (less) dust.

Stop by any time "Whiskey and Dust" Usually on 7:30 & some where.