Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One-of-a-kind place on Earth


Welcome to the 2009 chapter of This is Black Rock City.

This blog is dedicated to the ephemeral architecture of the desert.

It showcases the different solutions that the black rock citizens have to come up with in order to survive in style (not always) the scorching sun and most of all, the almighty fierce winds.
Every year new designs come up , old ones are refined, same mistakes are made and next year, promise, it will not fly away.

Burning Man is an overwhelming experience, so to keep up with the visual overload that one might feel on the playa, I invite you to scroll this mile long blog packed with hundreds of images.

Any order of high resolution print has to be sent to:

If images dating back to 96 interest you, check my site:

The 2009 chapter has several parts:
  • Best in show
  • Camps
  • Installations
  • Mutant cars
  • Night vision
Feel free to contact me at: if a camp or an installation is misnamed.

I would like to thank all the burners for their terrific creations and constructions that make Black Rock City a unique place on earth.



alex said...

Photos magnifiques qui donnent envie de,participer à cette incroyable aventure. Que d'imagination. Le photographe a su saisir les moments où il n'y avait personne sur les camps cela nous donne une bonnes notion de l'espace et de tranquillité et de paix dans un lieu qui grouille de monde. Bravo

jonsi said...

Thank you so much for sharing. Your photos are gorgeous...