Saturday, September 26, 2009

All around the city

The perennial Airstream.

A clever add-on on an off-the-shelves shelter.
The boring shape of the carport got a simple, well thought make-over on each side with P.V.C. pipes.

Diner's ready!

Nice and ugly at the same time.

This is the "nicest" image of the visual/aesthetical problem of the evaporation basins.
They are TRULLY UGLY. Did I say that they are a VISUAL POLLUTION?
My preference goes to the 1 or 2 gallons garden sprayers, they shower you for 15 minutes, using half a gallon of water without having these UGLY BLACK POOLS that stay for the entire week.
In other words, you can spend a lot time planning to build the cutest ever camp to have your efforts ruined by your next door neighbors SEWERS.

Art inside the city, plus good fences make good neighbors.

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